Whisky Round Table – Year 2, question # 1

Well, well, well… has it been a year already?

Just over a year ago, Jason Johnstone-Yellin of guidscotchdrink.com had a great idea: bring together 12 prominent whisky blogger and hold a monthly conversation regarding whisky; the ins, the outs… everything and anything whisky-related.

In case you’ve missed the previous year’s Whisky Round Table Discussions: click here to catch up.

So, Jason has posed a new question to we Knights of the Whisky Round Table:

In February of 2010 John Hansell, Malt Advocate Magazine, named whisky bloggers his Whisky Pioneers of the Year.  At that time we were witnessing a gradual rise in the number of whisky bloggers online but since then there has been an explosion.  Now there are questions surrounding the motives of whisky bloggers (“they’ll say anything for the free whisky and free trips”) and questions surrounding whether or not bloggers are even a worthwhile source for whisky information anymore (“how can I trust these guys when everything they taste is the best thing ever” and “will they tell the truth about a poor quality whisky if it means they might lose their connection to free whisky”).  What role do you see whisky bloggers playing over the next couple of years and how much of the scene is really a whisky grab?  Is the whisky blogosphere still a meritocracy where the best get better or is it a race to the bottom where simply tasting a lot makes one seem more important than one really is?

As you can imagine, the answers to the above question would be not just varied but lengthy (yeah, we tend to go on and on…) so Jason decided to post the answer in two parts.

Click here for part one.

Click here for part two.

As a reminder, the valiant Knights (and links to their blogs) of this round table are:

Chris – Nonjatta
Keith – Whisky Emporium
Karen & Matt – Whisky For Everyone
Ruben – Whisky Notes
Mark – Glasgow’s Whisky (And Ale)
Neil & Joel – Caskstrength.net
Lucas & Chris – Edinburgh Whisky Blog
Jason – Guid Scotch Drink
Gal – Whisky Israel
Mike – Whisky Party
Peter – The Casks
Joshua (hey, that’s me!)– The Jewish Single Malt Whisky Society

Again, for all of the Whisky Round Table discussions, click here.

One thought on “Whisky Round Table – Year 2, question # 1”

  1. Thanks for sharing the links Yossi! Great read. 

    Full disclosure moment… when we first started our blog, the goal was what you and your colleagues were talking about, i.e. free booze! Though we have acquired a sample or two during our 1st year of blogging, it’s the interactions with other bloggers that keeps me going. While our focus has moved more towards beer (less expensive and a huge variety to choose from. We do live near America’s greatest beer drinking city afterall!), whisky is still a big part of my life and is something that I am continually learning about. Cheers!G-LO 

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