The Macallan 18yr

Speyside region – 43%ABV – 750ml bottle in the US, 70cl in the UK and elsewhere – £70 | $90-$120 | €84

Wow to you oh whisky peeps, for a dram was bought by me to have (because the notes, they sounded so good).  Let him who hath understanding wreckon the number of the dram [that turned me on to The Macallan].  For it is a Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America number.  It’s number is twenty-four point one-one-one.  (sorry, my inner Iron Maiden fan could not help himself).

I am so very thankful to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America for helping to open my eyes once more to The Macallan – for that review, click here.

I received a sample of The Macallan 18yr early last week (special thanks to Igal!) and was not sure what to expect.

I’ve mentioned in the past that their standard 12yr didn’t do much for me (again, I’ve not had their 12yr expression in a bit more than 2 years) so I was not expecting much from their 18yr bottling.

After pouring the whisky into my Glencairn, here’s what I got:

On the nose Plump dollops of sherry notes travel up my nose.  These notes are covered in chocolate and there is more than a hint of oak and vanilla.

Dried fruits are here — think prunes, dates and fig.  The more I smell it, the more I like it.  Leather & suede.  Big grapes appear in the final sniff.

On the mouth The first thing I get here is sulphur but that is quickly pushed aside (thankfully) to reveal an incredibly smooth chocolate note.

Pipe tobacco and leather jackets.

Root veggies galore!  I’m even getting a hint of beets here – like whisky borscht (it’s slight but, I am getting it).

The smoothness of this whisky is really remarkable and, it’s nice and chewy too.

Finish Medium length but there are some long lasting bitter notes to it that really offset everything I just smelled and tasted.  This, I think, is a good thing.

Yes, it’s a good thing.

In sumThis oozes of luxury and all things “comfort”.  This is something to break out for Shabbat (non-Jews, Shabbat is the Hebrew word for the Sabbath which many Jews, myself included, treat both as a holy day and a holiday – read here for more info) for sure!

5 thoughts on “The Macallan 18yr”

  1. This is a dram i love. I got to taste a sample a few months ago from the same, the one and only Hmemcpy AKA Igal.
    loved it.

    Macallan seems to be surrounded by a very negative buzz from whisky fans. i think it has to do with their sad decision to abandon 1st fill sherry bombs and use also Bourbon and oak seasoned with sherry, due to the shortage of sherry butts in the recent years. I am about to post about the 12,18, and 30 Fineoaks in the coming weeks, so i will not write long about them. one word for the wise : get your hands on the 30 year old Fine Oak. it's brilliant. (but also cost more than 200 GBP)
    The FineOak series however nice, can not compare with the classic Macallan profile of solid sherry. this one is indeed fully sherreid as it should be.

    Lovely stuff! and notes, my friend.

    As it happens i just posted my own review on a macallan today (select oak,NAS) but it can not compare with this little gem, by any means.


  2. Wait…so you two were both posting about Macallan on the same day and Josh and I were both referencing Iron Maiden…all in the same post? Eerie. I'm afraid to see what the number would be if we added up our collective number of posts…

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