Macallan 1987 Old Malt Cask 50% ABV

Speyside region – 50% ABV – 70cl (though my sample was 3cl) – $£€??  I can’t find this bottle anywhere online – if someone could let me know where to find one, please say so in the comments section because I want a bottle.  STAT.

My knowledge of The Macallan is quite limited there’s a reason why…

Firstly, The Macallan is one of those whiskies that you hear about when you are first getting into whiskies (this and Johnnie Walker Blue).  The impression you get is that it is the gold standard of whiskies.  My tasting of a recent 12yr expression proved otherwise for me.  Ok, so when I say recent, I mean about two years ago.  That 12yr expression seemed like a matchstick-infused-sherry-bomb with WAY too much wineyness to it.  I’ve had a couple other Macallans since (to be honest, I don’t remember what they were but I remember not liking them so much) and they were just not up my alley.

The times they are, becoming different…

Enter the Old Malt Cask 18yr 1987 expression.  I’m going to let the notes do the talking:

On the noseSharp sherried notes (the fruits thereof not the wine in-which), stewed carrots and fresh paint, drying nose, white grapes and chocolate, almond paste/marzipan.

On the mouthSilken and delicious.  Holy crap.

The mouth feel is stupendous. Lots of big chocolate notes.

No overwiney sherry with this Macallan!! Some very nice fresh tobacco, heated butter, salad greens and raspberry (slight), spiced honey, fabulous — Ab-Fab.

Finish — Medium Long and endlessly chewy.

In sum A lovely expression from start to finish.  Complex and contemplative as well as an everyday drinker.  This has restored my faith in the Macallan (again, my familiarity with The Macallan is quite limited).

I’ve heard their “Fine Oak” line is quite different from their standard 12, 18, etc… expressions but, I’ve yet to try that line.  I can tell you, however, this whisky will make you very happy.

4 thoughts on “Macallan 1987 Old Malt Cask 50% ABV”

  1. I haven't been impressed with the Macallan either. Had a cask-strength that was pretty good, but the others needed more kick. Or something.

  2. I seem to like the macallans, but more the sherry drams and less fine oak. last evevning i was in a macallan tasting , we had the 12,18 and 30 fine oak.
    the 30 is sublime. smooth, with a magnificent finish.

  3. Good job, you have proved that one particular brand’s special 23-year-old vintage is better than their 12-year-old standard. What the hell did you expect?

  4. Heya Mr. Schmegs,
    Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, we can’t always say that an older expression of whisky was ALWAYS better than the younger. As an example, give me the Laphroaig 10yr over their 25yr any day. Age is not the issue here, it’s a matter of taste, my friend.

    And this 1987 is of a completely different make up as compared to the 12yr Mac, in case you didn’t know. Such is the case with most whiskies – the make up and the type of casks used changes from expression to expression, year to year. So, comparing age to age really isn’t fair anyway…

    Thanks for you comment!

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