Bowmore 1992 Bordeaux Finish

Islay region – 53.5%ABV – 700ml bottle – Limited Edition, 1,800 bottles – £60 | €68

This is going to be a quick post.  I’ve got to get up at 2:30 tomorrow morning.  I’m flying out to Anaheim for a trade show (one of the things I truly love about my job).  While I’m out there I’m getting a chance to meet with one of my regular readers – we’re going to taste us some fine whiskies!  Ok, to the Bowmore:

I’ve got to be honest, my first experience with Bowmore was nearly my last.  It was their 12yr old expression and I had it during an Islay tasting.  We tasted the following whiskies that night: Bowmore 12yr, Bruichladdich “Rocks”, Laphroaig 15yr & Ardbeg 10yr.

Looking back, I guess The Bowmore did not stand a chance against the other three Islay expressions.  To add insult to injury, we broke out a little Lagavulin 16yr (which, in my opinion kicks the a$$ of most of the standard expressions out there, be they Islay or no).

Ok, enough crap-talking because I made the very-very smart decision to revisit The Bowmore.  First, I tried out the Master of Malt 26yr single cask exclusive (you can read my review here, and you can buy it here).

Then, I received a nice sample from my friend “O.K.” of The Bowmore 1992 Bordeaux Finish 53.5%.  I tried this Bordeaux finished Bowmore right after the 26yr Master of Malt expression – a world of difference (can you say understatement?).

Here we go:

On the Nose Quite musky (think 70’s hippy oil meets mafioso cologne bath.

This is a strong nose!), quite smokey (but not like campfire smoke, this is very sophisticated smoke), fruity & winey, quite drying, cured meats, oily

On the mouth Perfect strength at 53.5%, very tannic/drying mouth feel, Italian sausages and glycerin soap, slightly smokey, onions and kale

Finish Very vegetal and the drying continues, more meats and a slight effervescence – Oh, some of those fruits from the nose came back.

In sumI’m happy I made a return to The Bowmore.  It’s obvious that they’ve got some very interesting whiskies.  I’m looking forward to more Bowmore!  I’m going to make a point of trying the Bowmore 12yr again.  Alone this time to see how it stands up by itself.  That post will come within the next few months.

7 thoughts on “Bowmore 1992 Bordeaux Finish”

  1. Unlike the thre famous southern Islay distilleries, Bowmore's standard bottling is definitely not one of their strong points. But this distillery is capable of producing very amazing malts, you just have to find out which ones are the ones for you.

  2. well, some bowmores are nice (tempest) some nasty.
    overall, i think it's a good dist. but not as good as it's sisters (laga,laph,ardbeg).

  3. I am getting tempted to try some more Bowmores now. Have you tried any of the Bruichladdich's aged in wine casks? I once had one aged in a Borolo barrell, it was quite good but you had to have it on it's own on a clean palate otherwise it was hard to appreciate.

  4. I actually just had three of Bruichladdich's new “Sixteens” range – Pomerol cask, Margaux Cask & Sauternes Cask. I did a full-on vertical tasting with intentions to post but lost all of my notes! What I do remember is that the Pomerol and Sauternes casks were stellar – well done 'laddichs. The Margaux, not so much.

    I would give the Bowmore another shot. Supposedly the new Tempest expression is great – cask strength too.

  5. Have you revisited the Bowmore 12 ?

    In my opinion quite a few of the younger OB Bowmores have improved a lot. I had a break from Bowmores for quite a few years but when I revisited the distillery in 2007 I was very positively surprised.

    Not that bad really, it used to be too soapy/lavender for me but it isn't anymore


  6. Bowmore has a very distinct flavor profile. As far as their OB's I like the now gone the way of the dinosaur 17 and its replacement the 18.

    My favorite Bowmore's (at least from the ones I have been able to try) is the A.D. Rattray Bowmore 17. The viscosity and depth of flavor is amazing (IMHO).

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