Benriach 1998 15yr PX Finish (56.1%): A Jew’s Your Own Adventure Story


Today’s review was brought to you by the letters SK and the number 8.

The tasting notes are brought to you by Shane Helmick of and myself but the idea of posting this as a Jew’s Your Own Adventure Story was Shane’s idea.  Good on ye, Shane.

I don’t often share blog space or tasting notes with people but I was happy to do this with Shane.  He’s a fun dude with a fun (and funny) and informative blog.

Thanks Shane!

Now, dear reader, enjoy the game.  ’tis fun indeed!

Game did not load. Please wait a few seconds and try again.

// game engine by s.r.helmick // notes by j.hatton and s.r.helmick //

4 thoughts on “Benriach 1998 15yr PX Finish (56.1%): A Jew’s Your Own Adventure Story”

  1. This is expertly crafted. One of my favorite lines from CYOA books is “The last thing you see is…” Having it occur when the rampaging baboons ripped off my face was a tour de force. Kudos, chaps.

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