1989 Bowmore 11yr – Old Malt Cask – 50% ABV

Islay region – 50%ABV – 750ml bottle – Limited Edition, 1,800 bottles – $60 (note: the image shown is not an image of the actual bottle, just an OMC bottle)

After my having an opportunity to taste the Master of Malt 26yr Bowmore Single Cask, I’ve been on the search for more and more Bowmore expressions to taste.  While the MoM bottling is wholly different from any Bowmore out there (or, any whisky out there for that matter), my eyes were forever opened – and now, so is my mouth 🙂

The Bowmore I am about to review is one of the smokiest, dirtiest Bowmores I’ve had to date.  And a nice one at that!

On the nose Big and smokey, ashy, spent cigarette butts, petrol (gas to us Americans out there…).

Burning rubber like the racing scene in Grease (are we racing for pinks?).

The classic Bowmore soapiness rears its head.

Biting 9-volt-on-your-tongue-but-in-your-nose quality here.

Pink grapefruit.

On the mouth Hello young man!  Apple smoked cheddar.

Cut grass and soil (dirty though, not fresh clean soil – dirty soil, who’d’a’thunk?)

Absinthe style anise and Japanese green tea, chewy.

Finish Long & ashy

In sum This is a nice peaty Bowmore.

Very masculine but the feel is that of a 15yr old boy who can grow a G.G. Allin mustache a bit prematurely and is showing off. (I’m 36 and I still can’t get a proper mustache!  Imagine that, a Jew who can’t grow good facial hair.  Oy.)

A good one for when there’s a chill in the air!

4 thoughts on “1989 Bowmore 11yr – Old Malt Cask – 50% ABV”

  1. That sounds like a unique Bowmore. I don't associate ash and dirtiness with Bowmore. One of my favorite Bowmores is the AD Rattray 17 y/o. Think cask strength, dark fruits and super chewey. Give it a spin if you get the chance.

  2. Yes, this is an odd Bowmore but, I liked it. I found bottles of the AD Rattray 17yr Bowmore but they are all in states that do not ship to CT (argh).

  3. I am actually thinking about buying a bottle of it…but AD just came out with an 18y/o expression to replace the 17 though so I am torn!

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